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//connected LED: exercise 1, blink LED 3 times after it is called

int led1 = D2;

void setup() {
    //Register Particle function here
    Particle.function("led", ledControl);
    pinMode (led1, OUTPUT);
    digitalWrite(led1, LOW); //LED 1 initial state to be off

void loop(){
    //nothing to do here

int ledControl(String command)
    int state = LOW; 
    //find out the state of the led
    if(command == "HIGH") {
        for (int i = 0; i < 3 ; i++){
        digitalWrite(led1, HIGH);
        digitalWrite(led1, LOW);
    }else if (command == "LOW"){
        state = LOW;
        return -1;
    //write to the appropriate pin
    digitalWrite(led1, state);
    return 1;
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