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We always forget things under stress. Recently I had an injury and lost a tooth, and quite a few times I forget to wear my fake tooth ( imagine a day without the bunny tooth smile).

 But there are many things which are even more important that we forget like medicines, keys etc. and regret whole day. How we always wish that someone could have reminded us.  "Don't forget" is here to remind me, and take away my worries. 

"Don't forget" is a small pad or a place that is sensitive to pressure by using a  Force Sensitive Resistor. When one leaves home in the morning, a tilt motion sensor in the main door triggers an alarm if the objects are still on the pad. 


Spark Core


Jumper Wires

Force Sensitive Resistor

Tilt sensor – SW 200 D

2x 10K Ohm Resistors

2x 1K Ohm Resistors

Piezo Buzzer


Step 1: Brain storm and sketches of various ways to connect these sensors to the spark core to have a better understanding about the circuits.

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