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// Define the varibles and call Servo library with an instance called "myServo"
int servoPin = A3;
Servo myServo;
int servoPos = 0;

void setup() {
// Attach the Servo to pin A3 as a reference
myServo.attach (A3);
// Register variable servoControl to particle cloud (input named 'servo') to control Servo from cloud
Particle.function ("email", servoControl);
// Keep a cloud variable for the current position
Particle.variable ("servoPos", &servoPos, INT);


void loop() {


int servoControl(String command)
    // convert string command from Particl cloud to an integer we can use
    int newPos = command.toInt();
    // constrain the entered position so it is between 0 - 180
    servoPos = constrain( newPos, 0, 90);
    // set the Servo
    myServo.write( servoPos);
    // finished
    return 1;

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