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In our early ideations of this project we knew we wanted to create something that helped people who might not know each other well, be comfortable reaching out to make a connection. Sending an email or heaven forbid, calling someone on the phone creates a level of permanence and commitment and can even be quite disruptive. By limiting and softening he information, we can create the feeling of serendipity.

We leveraged learnings around Calm Technology – a device that can be simply used when needed and provide insight into whether someone is available to be “bumped into”. Calm tech nudges users to take a break and meet someone new, encourage social bonding, and forge casual connection. There is no pressure to meet again, but if you do, that first introduction is already out of the way.

David Rose’s readings around Enchanted Design were also inspiring and we wanted the Serendipicube to be an “out of the way”, unobtrusive, and subtle, way to add to the pace and structure of Covid-life. 

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