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ADD TEXT HERE: Provide a high level design overview that considers and describes: what context it operates in ; what it does and how it behaves; how someone would or could interact with it; and how these interactions unfold to lead to the desired outcome? Detail your design proposal with a series of illustrations. -- Can we pull out the text in the story board into here so it is legible? 


  • Frame1: User 1 flips the cube to indicate she has free time for a chat.
  • Frame 2: The cube vibrates softly & soft light shines through wood for ~ 15  minutes.
  • Frame 3: User taps the cube to indicate willingness to join a chat at "cafe cube"
  • Frame 4: Text message with link for a multiple to join.

Experience Map

From Daragh: diagraming an experience map of an interaction of using this and how it would help support serendipity while working/learning/taking breaks and during those informal coffee hangouts would be a really nice addition for the documentation.

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