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I was excited when the servo initially worked and was very satisfied. Working with the solenoid was more challenging that I thought it would be, and I was very worried about ruining my board and components with bad wiring. Even after checking the setup repeatedly, I could not get it to work. I tried both setups - the one we saw in the class demo and the one included in the tutorial (diode placed slightly differently). I gave up and used the fan instead and that worked!

I used the trusty servo which gave me some breathing room not to worry about wiring and code, but instead think about what I would actually enjoy making to solve a problem that I had. But I was glad to use the fan as well and make a simple demo - a stronger fan would allow me to put a clear glass over over it with a pile of small, white paper hope punch-outs and make my own snow globe (inspired by Zimoun). The brushless fan can only move one or two paper fragments, but still good enough to show how a globe could work. 

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