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Paper Signal -> email alert! 

My goal is to have a red paper exclamation point that is attached to my servo's arm component increment up each time an email arrives in my inbox. I felt this would be a gentler and more meaningful visualization of the accumulation of email versus the red circle with a count that notifications currently use. Personally, 10 unread emails is enough for me to "feel the email pileup" and at that point, I would like the red paper exclamation point up at 90 degrees which is the max distance it can go (constrained to that upper limit). I would use IFTTT to connect this up, but for purposes of the video below, I tested the functionality using the Particle cloud for now.

Ideally, the system would reset to zero when I've read all my unread emails that came in (not sure how I would do this) but, at a minimum, I could use delay ( ) or millis ( ) to have the whole thing reset to zero after a certain amount of time has passed. 

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