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Statement of Objectives:

Our main objective is to create a mechanism that auto-adjusts the volume of a set of earphones to its surroundings. During this process, we would like to create a device that can be attached to already-made earphones. Before embarking on this project we decided to sketch and brainstorm what we wanted to accomplish, this we had no problem with, however, what we were uncomfortable with was the actual mechanics of installing certain elements into the breadboard and optimizing them. For this project we have decided to ignore the final size of our final project as we ultimately would like it to be extremely more compact - something that can fit in a pocket, or clip onto a backpack, ignore the lack of a power supply as well as the fact that our final product is not actually attached to a set of earphones (this was for testing/ presenting purposes). To accomplish our goals we will have to create a working device that adjusts volume based on what is occurring around the user. After creating a device that adjusts sound we will have to connect this to some sort of audio output and test if this product is receptive to all noises or just specific sounds.

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