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We used a basic breadboard to build our circuit and wired it with red and black wires, black always being put into (G) ground. Also, we used two LEDs in our model a white and red one, the red one used in the voltage-controlled resistor. We used various different parts and build our own voltage-controlled resistor which consists of a photodiode and an LED We used a variety of different resistors including one 100 k Ω resistor, a 100 k Ω resistor, and a 47 k Ω resistor. Along with different resistors, we also had a selection of capacitors: (1) 1000uf 16v Electrolytic capacitor, (2) 100uf 25v Electrolytic, and also a 0.1 uf ceramic resistor to limit the current in selected areas. The three elements that were key to our project were the FC-104 Electret microphone LM393, intercepting outside sound, a transistor, BS 170 N-Chan Mosfet, which amplified and switched electronic signals, LM386 N-4 LC amp audio, a speaker 40HM 2w to then, project the sound to the outside. Then, we used a male audio jack to connect the phone to the system. (Note: in the diagram the jack is female).  

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