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Results: What we achieved and what could have worked better

Our limited knowledge and skillset in using the breadboard and schematic technology caused several problems, however, after much experimentation, we were able to create a device that takes in ambient sound and adjusts the user’s music. Even though our project does not fully accomplish our main goals, We do believe we were successful in creating something that adjusts the sound based on what is around the user. The model itself is not ideal in terms of size and comfort but it fulfilled our basic goals for the project. It is not as accurate and advanced as we had originally hoped in terms of design, efficiency, and circuitry- that being said we are still very happy with our “final product.” Even though our product did not fulfill our hope, we still were able to create a system that detects sound through the microphone, and then, that sound causes the music to completely stop. Essentially, our product does stop music when people are close by, however, it does not lower volume in increments it just completely stops it. As the first physical computing project, it was a sufficient and interesting challenge to choose, but there are definitely places looking back, where we could have been more efficient and have found better approaches to our problems.

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