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I created three AR artifacts, each of them include the message itself and the photo of the person who sent the message. Users can interact with these AR artifacts. And when users interact with them, they act as if it's like a ghost. It would jump around or spin when users move close to them and vanish when users try to touch them.

Source of the messages:
The source of the messages is Facebook because messages in here are more than other Apps, such as Instagram and SNS. (This decision also affected by my background coming from Taiwan. Most Taiwanese youngsters use Facebook a lot. As a result, there can be more legend message history than other apps.) 
The system would extract the messages sent by others in the past that you never got to reply to. 

How it works:
1. User need to connected this tool with messaging apps, preferably Facebook
2. Users will get a push notification every day
3. Through push notification, they can enter an AR environment, they can see an acquaintance’s face and the message
4. User can interact with the message and the acquaintance’s face in the AR environment.

Tools I used:
I used Figma and Adobe illustrator to create 2D images, then I use Adobe Dimension to create 3D models, finally, I used Adobe Aero to create the interactive AR models.

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