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I started out being interested in two projects: Our Friends Electric and Objectifier.

For the Our Friends Electric, I enjoy the ideas of

  • Challenge the assumptions for Voice Assistant: you ask a device something and it simply spits out that answer
  • Will more engaging and deeper interactions, such as caring about your feelings and needing you to take care of them, create a more intimate relationship between machine and human?
  • Will this kind of voice assistant help you access self-awareness and provoke conversation with yourself more easily?

For the Objectifier, I enjoy the idea of a decentralized AI training model might meet individual needs more than a centralized one.

As the project rolling forward, I build on the idea of "self-awareness" and geared towards the idea of raising self awareness about their connections with others. I found inspiration in the Invisible Network – A ‘social network’ for the machines about raising awareness by making the invisible visible and Flight Paths by William Lindmeier | Experiments with Google about visual style. 

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