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Describe how you arrived at the outcome. What iterations, refinements, design decisions and changes were made?  What challenges were encountered and how did you resolve them?

There are a few iterations from my projects.

1. A voice assistant plant that asks whys and raises your self-awareness

A plant-like voice assistant that needs you to water them every day. It won’t reply to your command directly. Instead, it would ask you “Why” and your feelings and say thank you when you water them. Just like a good friend or counselor who doesn’t judge you and care about you.

The idea seems to stray from the goal of this project - a critical design that evokes a spooky feeling towards technology. So I follow the connected tissue "raise the awareness of autopilot actions with technology." and made the iteration.

2. Raise awareness about social media

AR experience to make people more vividly aware of who they interact with the most on the social media and evoke some questions within people's heart

  • How do people feel when immersively seeing their abstract online connections?
  • Will this immersive visualization bring any awareness and any change about their identity?
  • Will this experience evoke any behavior change?

After talking to Daragh and Policarpo, I wanted to make it even more spooky and also think more about the logic. Instead of using the existing connections, what about the connections that had been fading away and forgotten? Would it be even more haunting? Also, I can make those profiles in the space depending on their media stats and more interactive.

3. Haunting messages

So here comes the Haunting messages. Users can see a forgotten message and acquaintance every day and interact with the ghost-like flowing profile picture.

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