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When we think of the various devices that compose our current idea of a smart home, what comes to mind are an assortment of digital servants—Alexa, our knowledgeable butler and Roomba, our tireless maid just to name a few.

For a smart home to be smart enough to be considered “smart” each device must also be networked with an efficient way to communicate and, in many cases, vastly more processing power than a first generation space ship.

In this project, we explored a scenario of a smart home where the devices might use these powers to collaborate or conspire for their own interests just out of view of what their owner could detect. Further, we wanted to explore the digital home as a physical phenomena as well as a manifestation of code. In the landscape of the home, these devices might find ways to communicate with each other that could even go undetected by smart technology companies as they peek in to audit their own devices. 

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