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We started our investigation with the concept of IoT rebirth. We envisioned that these IoT devices might use their networked status to preserve themselves through an update by relying on their peer devices. Following the update of one device its peers would recreate the identity of the device by either feeding data directly back to the device, or by retraining it through a series of interactions that ensure that the old device persona is rebuilt. All these interactions will be hidden from humans.

Before discussing rebirth in a convincing way, we thought it is more important to first address the question of how the devices communicate. Therefore, we put down the concept of IoT rebirth and focused on exploring how devices can communicate messages without human noticing.

IoT Inventory

We first listed out all the IoT devices we have in each of our houses, such as washing machines, thermostat, trash can, coffee machine etc, and the features of each of the devices. Based on the available devices, we made up two different stories in order to string their features together in a reasonable way.

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