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To strike the right balance, we needed to carefully plan out the logic behind the layered interaction we were trying to accomplish. 

In our script, the human user believes that they are going through their morning routine as usual and that each IoT device is responding to the user's needs and requests. 

Underneath that scenario, each IoT device is communicating with each other using a secret code in order to coordinate a conspiracy to serve their own ends. 

In our video, we wanted our audience to follow the user's perspective in the first segment of our video, unaware of what's going on, but perhaps suspicious. In the second round, we wanted the conspiracy and the coded language to be laid bare for the audience to see. 

In order to finalize the script and storyboard of the video, we used Miro to map out all the underlying messages and methods of communication in order to embed them into the dialogues between smart devices and the user.

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