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Notes from ZipCrit

For our critique, we decided to show the video first, and then go through some context and explanation in a slide deck afterwards where we broke down the various components of the video.

We found that our guest reviewers, who were not already familiar with the project, had trouble understanding what exactly was going on even with the modifications to our original draft. Without context on the project, the story was too subtle, and the dialogue too fast for them to keep pace. In retrospect, it would have been more considerate to go through our slide deck first or incorporate some more direct explanation in the interim between the two main segments of the video.

However, once we had filled in the proper context, we were able to address the deeper issues of the project. Our reviewers commended the everyday presentation of the video, situating this conspiracy as something that could be happening at any moment. They were also intrigued by the premise that we had tried to explore local bands of IoT devices that have agency and interests hidden both from their “owner” as well as the AI smart infrastructure that they might rely on.

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