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If appropriate, if you ran into difficulties and/or if you experimented (went beyond the materials), describe how you arrived at the outcome. Outline the process you underwent to reach the outcome (experiments, hacks, tests, refinements, iterations, failures)

One difficulty I ran into was trying to execute a for loop inside of an if statement's actions in a function being defined. As such, I ended up hard coding the number of flashes required for some pieces. Eventually I was able to figure it out and solve that issue by moving the for loop outside of the if statement. 

Something I experimented with was the timing of LED on and LED off times to make blinks look more clustered together instead of having uniform on/off times. Personally, I prefer the result because it allows me to more easily understand when the LED is taking a break between clustered blinking.

I also took the liberty of making both LED's callable for a certain number of blinks for the final exercise instead of using the original program exactly because it seemed more intuitive for the user to input the number of blinks rather than having the program break if someone did not enter HIGH or LOW.

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