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We began our process by creating a singular device and writing the code so that when a button is pressed the servo would spin. We encountered some minor problems here, but overall it was a smooth process. The next step was writing out the code for the paired devices. Initially we struggled with understanding the difference between particle subscribe and publish, but once we were able to understand that the rest of the code was easier to complete. The final step was combining the two parts, so we combined our initial circuit with the code for the paired device. This is where we ran into the most problems. We first forgot about echo, and then once that was set up we ran into some minor bugs. For example, when we press the button both our servos move, but we only want the servo of the other device to move. We still were not able to solve this problem. Another issue we ran into was having too many delays. We did not realize one of the delays being 10 seconds would create problems, but this delay required us to hold down the button which we did not initially realize. We were able to solve this issue fairly quickly by changing the delay, and we were then done with our paired device.

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