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Hovering one’s mouse cursor over any given area would play a song that is currently popular in that given area. The name of the song that is playing WILL NOT be displayed. Furthermore, the map will be highly scalable and resizable. Using a search field, a user could zoom in from a Music Map of the US to one of say, Pittsburgh and get a better idea of the kinds of music that are popular in the different suburbs of the city. I imagine the college students that live in Oakland have very different tastes from the suburban families in the North Side. If one zooms into CMU, one may even find distinctly different musical preferences between the CFA building and Gates.

Using the Music Map will encourage people to discover and remember music based on more organic and wholesome criteria than tags like ‘Name’, ‘Artist’ and ‘Genre’. By not displaying the name of the song that is playing, or any other text whatsoever, and being so closely linked to geography, the Music Map makes the experience of music discovery much more personal, almost akin to hearing a song for the first time at a live performance.

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