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After reviewing the video I made, I believe that this project only really scratched the surface of what I am trying to accomplish. While the main purpose and idea are present within the video, I believe it could have been executed in a much nicer manner. In the future, I hope to gain access to better video editing tools so that hopefully the presentation will seem a lot more fluid. One thing that I learned from this experience is that flashing videos are not enough to invoke deep emotions within a viewer. Specific music, high-quality transitions, and relatable content are required to accomplish this. In the future, if I were to refine this idea I would have included better, more fitting, music, higher quality videos, customizability so that the content relates to the viewer, as well as made the video longer to further engross the viewer. One way I could go about this is by using software to create different variations of this video. These variations would be based on technology that the viewer personally uses, rather than just Apple technology.

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