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Mobile phones and computers have become a very important part of our work and life. We use all kinds of apps in different situations. In this case, a large amount of data is sent or received from our devices In this process. However, we always ignore such a huge flow of information. The goal of this project is to reveal data in people‚Äôs everyday life. The goal of the project is to develop an app that can monitor the data usage of different apps and show the value directly on the desktop to remind people of their daily data usage according to different app categories. Moreover, people can also check the data usage by month and year.  


Grabbing data usage of apps from phone record and visualize them by different categories. 



  1. Get data usage of apps 2. Categorize apps 3. Code snippet 4.Visualize Daily/ Accumulated Data  

 Google slide:



This project has a long way to go. The code which used to track and collect data usage need lots of adjustments. How to automatic categorize apps or let users to categorize apps is also a big part to make effort. Beside these, how to visualize the data can be further discussed.  

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