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Outline your approach to the project? What ideas did you generate and how did you refine or reject them? What did you research and explore? what were the design choices? What challenges were encountered and how did you resolve them?

I spent most of my time developing my idea, but I quickly realized that I did not have a very good sense of how to bring my points to life in a graphical way. In my design process, I chose to stick to the confines of visual design. One of my biggest challenges was related to this; I was trying to focus too much on my peers and how they were thinking of representing their ideas. I did end up focusing more on verbally explaining my idea/simple graphics to make my point more clear. However, I think if I had centered my project more around a verbal presentation, I could have designed an even simpler design and focused more on a gripping script that had more shock value rather than directly exposing the issue I wanted to highlight.

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