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Critically assess the project. Did it build the conversation you hoped or meet the intent driving the work? Why? What worked and what didn't? What did you learn? What would you do differently?

I am very excited about the overall idea I set out to portray with this project. I think that with the aid of someone who is more well-versed in graphic design or video editing, I could have set forth a much more powerful final product. I think that although my project was lacking in visual appeal, the idea did come through and it did spark conversations that I was hoping to drive. I would like to learn more about various design tools that are easy for a lay person to pick up. I also want to learn some video editing skills because from watching my peers videos I realized that I was not even aware of the realm of possibilities for videography. Finally, in future projects with longer timelines, I want to highlight more of my primary background in computer science which is a field I am much more skilled in.

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