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For busy individuals whose homes have mailboxes that aren’t visible from inside the house, it would be useful to know when mail is received so that he or she can optimize the process of stopping for it as well as be more aware of when outgoing mail is picked up. To achieve this, a platform consisting of a tilt sensor and force sensitive resistor (FSR) each connected to an LED indicator would be installed within a mailbox. As the mailbox door is opened, the tilt sensor located on the door’s interior would set off a red LED to indicate someone’s presence. The FSR would be located on the base of the interior and would be connected to a green LED with a minimum threshold to sense the presence of mail. The user would then know when he or she has received mail.


Components Used:

3 - 1K Resistor

1 - 10K Resistor

1 - LED, Red

1 - LED, Green

1 - Tilt Sensor

1 - Force Sensitive Resistor


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