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Project Description

My idea of the topic is to make music responds to the environment and human's mood. In this project, I use Photo Resistor and Force Sensitive Resistor to get the light value around and the pressure level people give to the sensor, which means the much more pressure you give to the sensor will trigger exciting music indicating that you are in a high spirit. On the contrary when it is dim around, you just press the sensor a little bit, a piece of soft music will play indicating you want to clam down.

Material used:

● Spark Microcontroller

● Breadboard

● Jumper Wires

● Two 1kΩ Resistor

● Two single color LED (red and green)

● Two 10kΩ Resistor

● A photoresistor

● A forceresistor

The picture below shows the circuit I built. 

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