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In order to understand whether Bob feels comfortable enough to return to work, the project uses a humidity/temperature sensor to detect his condition of him. When bob feels too cold or lacks moisture - he will start to panic and blink his light at random intervals. In order to calm him down, one has to keep hugging Bob on his hood using his palms.

As Bob becomes more comfortable, his blinking-panic state will gradually settle down with more continuous emission of light. Eventually, with the continuous hugging session, Bob becomes happy with the condition and gets back to work happily - returning a smiley face on his hood.

This project is mainly composed of three components: 

1) Sensor: A Humidity/temperature sensor (reads the 'comfort level' of Bob).

2) Micro-controller: An Arduino BLE 33 Nano microcontroller.

3) Object: An IKEA lamp (dedicate to representing Bob).

4) Utility Object: A 3.3v relay controller (articulating the on/off status of the lamp).

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