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As an overview, the components work in a sequence together as:

--> Humid/Temp sensor detects ambient humidity and temperature level 

--> Humid/Temp sensor sending data back to the Arduino board

--> Arduino board controls on/off status of the 3.3v relay based on temp/humid level. 

--> The lamp is turned on/off based on the actions of the relay.

-->  Humid/Temp sensor continues to detect data as the user warms it up. 

The challenging part during the development of this project was attempting to make the humidity/sensor work - the sensor works best with a 5-volt power source, but it is only compatible with a 3.3-volt power source with the BLE Nano 33 board. However, once it is successfully connected, the reading is sufficiently effective and successfully drives the functionality of the relay. On the other hand, the sensor (Adafruit DTH-22) is not particularly accurate at capturing ambient humidity changes, but very effective at responding to temperature changes.

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