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The Puffy Hand Computer Activator project was influenced by a range of prior work, ideas, and projects, as well as concepts and research from this module. In particular, the project drew inspiration from critical making and counterfactuals, which encouraged the exploration of alternative devices that challenge our assumptions about technology. The concept of animism, as discussed in class, informed the project's aim to imbue technology with a sense of magic and agency, while the idea of spooky technologies inspired the exploration of unconventional and unexpected interactions. 

The Diamond "Ring" project ( by Casey Newberg is a great example of rethinking the use of an object of technology that challenges our assumptions about the purpose and design of an everyday object.

"Diamond Ring" (Neon)

By making the interaction with the device more difficult and requiring a physical high-five to turn on the computer, the project encourages users to become more aware of their use of technology and to consider the role it plays in their lives. The toaster project ( ) is a prime example of a project that explores the conscious use of technology through critical making. 

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