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Modern life for families require a lot of sacrifices. To be competitive in the workplace nowadays means, besides knowledge and hard work, mobility and accessibility. Laptops, smartphones and tablets all increase productivity dramatically, but also bring the office into the home, anytime and anywhere. Nevertheless, a lot of work still require the physical presence of people, and most people might be called upon a business trip on short notice, creating havoc in the family life and plans.
However, we believe that the same technology that sometimes separate has the power to bring people together. By harnessing the power of the Internet of Things, the cloud, any smartphone and an emotionally significant physical object (a Minion!), we look to retain and fortify the bonds between parents and children, even when far away.

Objective of product

A pair of toys that, when a paw is squeezed in one, it will take a picture, store it in the cloud, and cause the other to pulse a LED light to indicate that a new image is waiting. The image can be seen through any connected device, like a phone or tablet with access to the cloud. The toys are proposed in the format of Minions, since they elicit a very emotional response in children, and have two sizes: a large one for children a small one, key-chain sized, for parents to travel easily with it.

Target customer

Parent & Child (5+ because of use of tablet/phone to see image)

Context and sequence of operation

Background: Parent often travels for work, so they purchase the connected stuffed Minion and keychain counterpart to share photos with their child.

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