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//This code is designed for the Minion connection tool
//This code is for the parent side of the device
//When the hand of a minion is pressed a picture is taken
//by the activation of a servo motor that presses the capacitive touch
//button on an iPhone camera that is already in camera mode
//Once this picture is taken, it sends it to the cloud using
//IFTTT protocol which syncs it dropbox, when this happens
//a signal is sent to the other matching Minion, so it's light turns on
//when the child acknowledges

//push buttons
int takephotobutton = D0;
int photoseenbutton = D1;
int ledPin = D2;
//counter that keeps track of photos parent has taken since child last checked
int photocounterP=0;

void setup() {
  Spark.variable("photocount", &photocounterP, INT);
  // sets pin as input
  pinMode(takephotobutton, INPUT_PULLUP);
  // sets pin as input
  pinMode(photoseenbutton, INPUT_PULLUP);
  // sets pin as output
  pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT );
  //Subscribe to child core's photo activation feed
  Spark.subscribe("AASY/Child", handlePhotos);
  //Subscribe to child's feed for having viewed parent's photos
  //Spark.subscribe("AASY/ChildView", countReset);

void loop() {
  //check to see if takephotobutton is pressed
  //takephotobutton is wired so that it will output LOW when pressed down
  int takephoto = digitalRead(takephotobutton);
  //update photo count
  if(takephoto == LOW){
    photocounterP = photocounterP + 1;
  //if photocount is greater than one send to the cloud that photos available
  if(photocounterP >0){
    Spark.publish("AASY/Parent", "PHOTO", 60, PUBLIC);
  //check to see if photoseenbutton is pressed
  //photoseenbutton is wired so that it will output LOW when pressed down
  int photoseen = digitalRead(photoseenbutton);
  //if photo has been seen then let child core know
  if(photoseen == LOW) {
    Spark.publish("AASY/Parent", "VIEW", 60, PUBLIC);
    digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);
    //Spark.publish("AASY/ParentView", "NO", 60, PUBLIC);

void handlePhotos( const char *event, const char *data) {

  if(strcmp(data, "PHOTO")==0) {
    digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);
  if(strcmp(data, "VIEW")==0) {
    photocounterP = 0;

//handler function that turns other device's LED on when this device takes
//a photo
void ledToggle(const char *event, const char *photowaiting) {
  if(strcmp(photowaiting, "YES")==0) {
    digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);

//handler function to reset photo counter on paired device when photoseen
//button has been pressed
void countReset(const char *event2, const char *photoseen){
  if(strcmp(photoseen, "YES")==0){
    photocounterP = 0;
    //tester code to see if the this countReset is running at all
    //photocounterP= photocounterP + 1;
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