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Approach: How did you approach the rebuilding the device (i.e. what aspects have you chosen to revive and why)

We chose to focus on the 'experience' part of having coffee but using music as the output for having coffee. In order to do this, we knew we needed sensors to inform us when the coffee was being made and triggers to start the music. 

Originally, we imagined the temperature sensor affixed to the kettle but realized that it might be difficult for this to sense the actual temperature based on the kettle's material and construction. We then decided to place the temperature sensor in the carafe - this was moved to an exterior piece of foil upon further testing.

We also originally imagined a second notification or trigger happening when the coffee had cooled to ~140 degrees Fahrenheit, an optimal temperature for consuming coffee. However, we realized that the temperature sensor reading in the carafe was often much lower than this, even after immediately pouring boiling liquid. We then switched to the light sensor, which notifies us when the coffee is too cool or hot for ideal consumption. 

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