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First Try: Only Spark Cores

The first attempt that we made at controlling the system was solely through the Spark Cores themselves using Spark.publish() and Spark.subscribe() to transmit and receive all of the information. The biggest challenge we faced here was designing a matching system that needed several Spark.publish() and Spark.subscribe() events to convey information and data. Starting with two cores, this was fairly easy, but when we tried to expand to three cores and beyond, the matching algorithm got much more complicated. In addition to all of these cloud events, there needed to be a great deal of internal logic to decipher the data and establish and confirm a match. Through many iterations of the code as well as considering all the possible matching situations, even just with three cores, we were still unable to transmit, receive, and decipher all the data needed to establish a successful match. The final iteration of the failed code can be found below:

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