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Your friends are traveling all around the world. How do you know where your friends are? Social media like Twitter, Facebook, could tell you where they are when they post news. But you need to check your social media and read each post closely and you won't have a overall idea of all your friends' locations. HOTSPOT  gives you the answer with just a glance.

HOTSPOT is a dynamic wallpaper, with the pattern of the world map. It's connected with Twitter account, and could show where your friends are through the movement of the wallpaper. For example, when one of your friend Twitter something at Sydney, Sydney Opera House, the landmark of Sydney will pop out on your wall paper.

With just a glimpse of the wallpaper, you could know where your friends are in real time. The moving of the landmark is the moving of your friends. Watch your relations growing all over the world!

How it works

Methods: We use IFFTT twitter recipe to connect our spark with the online data. Once anyone publishes a tweet in the specific location we get the username data and run our function.

Bill of Materials

Spark Microcontroller


Jumper Wires

Four Servo Motors



Fritzing Diagram

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