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Stalk the Stock is a device to help busy office goers to trade in the market without having to keep a close watch over the market. By displaying the status of stocks bought and stocks of interest, traders can make decisions throughout the day and instantly buy and sell stocks through the device.

The device aims at:

1. Eliminating the need to constantly keep checking websites or apps at office to keep track of stocks.

2. Shortening the time needed to execute a transaction when needed.

3. Enable busy office goers to take part in active day trading instead of short term trading.

The device

Stalk the Stock is a “fortune telling” globe that lets you know when a stock value goes above or below a set threshold to sell or buy shares. The information is displayed non-intrusively through the glowing of up and down arrows that together form the globe. The device has six segments that show information of up to six stocks. An up arrow indicates that the stock has crossed its upper threshold and a down arrow indicates that the stock has gone below a certain level. The threshold can be set by the user. The device also shows the trend of the stock. If it seems to be rising, the arrow lights up green else, if falling it lights up red. Transactions can be made at that instant through a simple touch of the glowing arrows.

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