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Every company tries to find that market opportunity to take advantage of. They are in constant search of that feature that would make their product extremely desirable. When the desire of people gets them tangled in the bad intentions of companies or other malevolents, like the apple that eve consumed, things can go wrong. Here’s what we foresee could go wrong with ‘stalk the stock’:

1. Authentication of transactions: Who moved my cheese? Literally! Having interfaces that can make quick transactions obviously comes with its downsides. Not only are you more tempted to make split second decisions but also your nosey friend passing by. Imagine all the money you may lose if you’re playing with the big bucks! For this reason it is important to have some form of secure yet quick authentication method like maybe a fingerprint reader.

2. Pilfering of biometric data: Obviously, with more the information you make available on the internet, the more you make yourself vulnerable. There is no one best way to secure your information over the internet. As encrypting systems advance, so are hackers. The device must thus be designed to preferably perform the biometric comparison locally and authorize the transaction through a dynamically generated key.

3. Google knows what you’re thinking: Just using the word ‘google’ in this document has probably caught the attention of a google bot (what google calls spiders). The information collected from these bots and various other sources are churned by these learning algorithms to understand what you are most probable to do next. So that they can suggest ads for you and god knows what else. Similar to google, Stalk the Stalk might probably start learning your buying characteristics and maybe sell it to companies who want that information.

4. Faux transactions: When you’re having to make these split second decisions, you don’t have time to cross-verify the authenticity of the information displayed to you. The ‘stalk to stock’ company could easily decide to take a cut from your earnings or make a false transaction once every say 100 transactions to take your money from you. just like in the casinos!

5. Influencing the market: The stock market is infiltrated with bots trying to out-play other bots by fake buying and selling to confuse the algorithms of other bots. All said and done, its a matter of survival of the best algorithm in the circumstances. What might be best in one might not be the best in the other. Now imagine, that if ‘stalk the stock’ became really popular, and the power of delivery of information ends up in one hand (the ‘stalk the stock’ company). Imagine the potential power the company would have to influence the whole stock market. While the notion of influencing the whole market might be absurd, it is quite easily achievable for individual sectors of the market. ‘Stalk the stock’ may even offer bids to companies who wish to influence their markets.

So instead of you stalk(ing) the stock, the stock stalks you.

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