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Doomba Inc. (DOOM) was founded in 2005 by a team of visionaries that believed in automation and advanced artificial intelligence. “When the pet cemetery around the corner went out of business, we knew it was meant to be”, muses Dick E. Vil, co-founder of Doomba. Without hesitation did they buy the lot and set up their headquarters, where they are located to this day. According to rumors, the same lot used to serve as an Indian burial site before it was repurposed by European settlers.

Doomba robots are highly regarded in the industry for their autonomy and varied functionality. Especially compared to iRobot’s (IRBT) Roomba cleaning robots the Doomba’s outshine the competition with a rich feature set. “More than cleaning” has long been the successful slogan marketing the remarkable little robots. It doesn’t surprise then that the newest generation of Doomba, aptly named “The new Doomba”, incorporates functionality such as gamification elements over the cloud, a high powered shredder and a gentle encouragement algorithm. Especially the latter feature is thought of as a breakthrough in household machines. Doomba’s encouragement algorithm analyses historic dust databases and compares them to the Doomba community. Based on these findings, Doomba will then gently remind you of your duty’s and encourage you with positive and constructive feedback. The new Doomba will be available on February 29th and will sell for $666.

The Doomba project is the result of the most focused brainstorming in the history of Carnegie Mellon University. We discussed with fervor through days and nights until we found the perfect opportunity in a connected household device. Revolutionizing the industry with a creepy machine that's lusting for control filled us with an unprecedented sense of purpose.

The device itself was built with the finest materials, with the top shell being lifted from an old garbage bin standing around and the sophisticated  electronic interior consisting of a spark core. The revolutionary software made the LED light up and, when needed, turn off too. That Ladies and Gentlemen is the genius behind Doomba.

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