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Observations on Data

After consulting various resources on movie spending, I was not too surprised to find out that generally, movie budgets are becoming increasingly larger. This is especially true for successful movie franchises like “The Pirates of the Caribbean” and “The Dark Night”. What was interesting to see was that in the general case, the greater the expenditure, the net gross for the film also seemed to increase as well. I thought this was even more interesting because it really shows how we as consumers buy into (and essentially become a part of) this trend for movie budgets. If a production company spends more money to create the movie as well as market the movie, people seem to spend more money to watch the movie as well. However, when comparing the budgets and return on investment, proportionally, the movies with the greatest return on investment were those that were notably not as popular or those that would not be considered “Blockbusters.” Such movies include “Paranormal Activity,” “The Blair Witch Project,” “Super Size Me,” “Night of the Living Dead,” etc. Because these movies didn’t have a large production cost to begin with, their return on investment was much greater if the movie proved to be successful.

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