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What we came up with is an IoT ecosystem which utilizes ambient objects, enchanted objects, and connected objects to enhance the learning process across any field or discipline. This system doesn't only take place in the studio space, but improves the capacity for learning starting in the classroom, across campus, in the studio, and even when the student is at home. Our final vision is to apply the internet of things to learning spaces as a means of minimizing outside distractions, encouraging collaboration, and giving distance education students a more connected experience.

Three distinct prototypes were designed and produced to accomplish our vision:

one // collaborative // colabCase: an object/system that clearly communicates a student's skills, background, and his/her availability to help. This initiates a culture of sharing knowledge and swapping skills, taking the idea of "interdisciplinary learning" to a new level.

two // flexible // MYspot: a system which monitors noise level and number of people in a space in live time to give the student the freedom to make a more informed decision on when and where they want to work.

three //  connected // Hearts + Hands:  a wearable device which communicates to the teacher overall classroom interest, which students have questions, and leverages different skills and learning styles from or across a distance.

The prototypes for 1,2, and 3 can be seen at, and, respectively.

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