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Each high-budget movie would be presented in chronological order so that the installation observers would see as they walked through that with each passing year/decade movie production spending is increasing – and even more so, the amount of money consumers are spending to watch it. To further add an emotional effect, I wanted to host this installation in abandoned movie theaters across the U.S. (my research focused solely on movie productions based in the U.S. as most production costs are generally much smaller outside the U.S.) My hope is that as people walk through this installation, they will be more concise about the role they play in perpetuating this trend of increasing movie budgets because by the larger mound of ticket stubs, they can see that they are buying into it. In general, I also just want people to be more concise about how much money is being spent in the entertainment sector. I hope they this will make people think more about how they’re spending their money and how much they are willing to pay for entertainment.

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