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How it works

The device has two boxes that house infra red sensors which send out infra red light. If the light bounces off anything that is in front of it the sensors pick up the reflection. This reflection is then translated into a response saying that there is an object in front of the device. If the second sensor picks up the same object, it counts it as a person entering the room. If one device picks up a reflection but the other doesn't, then it is not counted as a person. The device then sends this information to the cloud so that users can see how many people are in a room before they go to the room.

The audio portion is set up with a microphone sensor that picks up sound. There are certain threshold limits for the sound volume to tell if a room has the quietness of a library, the sound level of a casual conversation, or the level of sound expected at a party. The sensor then picks up the amount of sound that is in the room and lights up an indicator that corresponds with the room's sound level. The device then sends this information to the cloud so that any user is able to see what the sound level is in a room before traveling to the room.

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