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Composition 2

Chance - High

Indeterminacy - Low

Entropy - Medium/High

For this second composition, we decided to let chance decide. The four of we went on to Pandora and selected the "Today's Hits" station before picking the first song that appeared on the station. By letting the Pandora station decide any song for us, without us having a clue as to what it could be, we greatly increased the level of chance for us-- it could have been anything from Demi Lovato to Sam Smith to something none of us had even heard of before. This decision also increased the level of chance for the listeners because they would have no reason to believe they were about to listen to a mix of four "Today's Hits" songs; even if they were to know us beforehand and the music we liked, that would give no indication as to what they were about to hear. However, it significantly lowered the level of indeterminacy for our group because we all picked from the same station. All four of us knew it would be some sort of pop music, most likely sung by a woman, and that they would most likely work together, since they were all from the same genre. Though it could have been any song, which gave our composition a high level of chance, it could not be anything that fell out of the category of "Today's Hits." No matter what the Pandora station gave us, it would most likely work together because we reduced the chance of indeterminacy by limiting the choices to the "Today's Hits" station. Following the pseudocode given to us, we all chose random intervals for which to play each of our songs, and still randomly rolled the dice for whether we should play the song (1) or wait 5 seconds (0). Thus, we created medium to high entropy because neither we nor the audience knows when we paused the song and when we played.

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