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Going in to this project we already knew that we wanted to use an over head digital projector and Microsoft Kinect to help bridge the physical-digital gap. We also knew that this had to be a comfortable space for physical crafts such as carving, drawing, cutting, and other table top projects. The base of the work station is the table top. The table itself is a standard school table. These tables have been lowered so that the user can sit and work. To protect the table top we placed a piece of MDF on the table. This surface will withstand hammering or other similar activities. Although this sheet of MDF is replaceable we hope that it will not be destroyed by the users of the space. For example when cutting we recommend placing a cutting mat on top of the MDF.

Both the Kinect and projector need to be mounted over head. We also wanted to make future additions to the station simple. To accommodate these needs we built a simple frame out of 12 bars of 80/20. These bars are held together with brackets made of laser cut acrylic. The files for these brackets can be found at the bottom of this post.

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