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Composition 3

Chance - Low

Indeterminacy - Medium

Entropy - Low

In this final composition, we wanted to come up with a piece that had low entropy. We decided to once again have low chance, by each picking any song we wanted, meaning listeners who knew us could expect to hear songs to our individual tastes. However, instead of then choosing random intervals for each song as we did in the first composition, we instead set a specific interval for all songs to adhere to - 10 seconds. More importantly, we also decided to only have 1 song playing at any one time. The first song would start playing for 10 seconds, then the second one for another 10 seconds, and then the third and fourth, following which we loop back to the first. We believed this lowered the level of entropy due to the increased predictability in the final mix. The song was more structured in that every 10 seconds a different song would play. Once a listener starts listening to the song and has experience with the set intervals and different rhythm of each song, he/she will slowly get used to the different voices and rhythms in the composition, and start to expect the shift every 10 seconds.

The level of indeterminacy in this piece is lower than in the first composition as well. This is because even though we each chose songs individually, we chose the same interval for each songs and also only had 1 song playing at any 1 time. This means that some of the uncertainty in the final outcome is lost. However, since the common interval was chosen randomly, and we also chose the order of the songs randomly, there is still a certain amount of indeterminacy. 

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