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Here is a video sampling our compositions in short segments.

Composition 1

Dropbox Link

Chance - Low

Indeterminacy  - High

Entropy - Medium

For our first composition, we each chose our own music, presenting a high level of indeterminancy. We then came together in a very quiet environment and followed the pseudocode provided in class. This allowed for good recording conditions.

As discussed in class, this approach had a high level of indeterminancy, as we had no idea what to expect from all the sounds, but with the quiet environment, the entropy was just below its apex. Also, chance remained low as we all chose what we thought fit best for us.

Composition 2

Dropbox Link

Chance - Medium

Indeterminacy - High

Entropy - High

This composition, we decided to immediately switch songs, causing the chance to increase, as we only had a short interval to choose a song. This level of indeterminacy remained just as high, and we were even able to increase entropy, for we recorded this portion on the cut in broad daylight, while standing! This made room for much human error, and coupled with the pseudo-random number generator, entropy increased by a huge amount.

This was by far the most fun, as bystanders added some sort of hilarity, causing group members to laugh, and thus increasing the random nature of the composition. Also, the inclusion of Obama on David Letterman added media that worked better than we would have believed, and it was ironic, as the Obama video was the most abstract of the pieces we chose for this composition.

Composition 3

Dropbox Link

Chance - Low

Indeterminacy - Low

Entropy - Low

Here we just chose to combine the two; mostly just because we wanted to hear the interesting outcome. The result was somewhat what we expected, so indeterminacy was low. As well, we had already chosen the songs, and decided to redo what we had chosen, keeping chance low. As for entropy, besides spacing the two mashups based on the random number pseudocode, there was not much randomness.

Interestingly enough, our group disliked this one the least, composition 1 the second most, and composition 2 our favorite. This shows an interesting correlation between our interest and the higher amounts of Indeterminacy, Chance, and Entropy across the board.

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