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Vivian, one of the three members of the group, has studied calligraphy for years and is fairly adept at it. She explained that normally a beginner has to work directly in a book on set grids because the brushstrokes one has to make are very precise. An expert can artistically design a composition for his/her characters on the page. We decided to work on giving that capability to a beginner. This tool allows anyone to learn calligraphy at the same time as making a personalized artifact, giving way to creativity throughout the user's learning experience. This project is a tool that frees beginners from the constructed grid and allows them to creatively compose their calligraphy pieces. We then decided to further augment the user's experience by allowing the user to freehand draw a line that they'd like their composition of characters to follow, then by moving each of the markers along the paper, the gridded guide snaps to the closest point on the line from the marker. 

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