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Songs Used:
The Legend of Zelda - Great Fairy's Fountain Theme
MegaMan 2 - Dr. Wily Stage 1
Super Mario bros. - Super Mario bros. Theme


Chance is relatively low in this selection. All of the music we picked adhered to a certain genre, so we could expect the mix to sound a certain way.  


There is higher indeterminacy than the previous selection. Since we decided together, we picked songs that each individual may not have thought of alone. However, since one group member thought of the theme originally, the indeterminacy for that particular member may still be low. 


Although the songs were all very similar, I would say that entropy is still high. We still couldn't control when we stopped and started each song, so there were still several awkward gaps in the mixing. Also, the tempos of the different songs didn't match particularly well against each other. 


If we were to re-select songs, the mixing may sound better if all the songs were at a similar tempo. Also, since all 3 songs we picked had tones in high registers, they conflicted with each other when played simultaneously. As for the algorithm, I think it would be interesting to change it so that only 2 songs are ever playing simultaneously at once. 

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