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This practice of ignoring media could have a number of detrimental effects for both producers and consumers. The producers may sink a large amount of money into unsuccessful advertisements directed at an apathetic market. Platforms that depend on revenue from producers buying ad space could then suffer, such as television or YouTube. Likewise, the consumer may see media in the same manner as the townspeople saw the proverbial boy who cried "Wolf!". We've seen it all before, so why should I offer this new flashing light any more attention? Surely it can't be more interesting or beneficial than the last. 

Unfortunately, I don't see myself changing. Sure, that store to my left might look cool, but I have class. 

This product on the commercial might be useful, but I had to get up to grab a drink anyway. I'll come back when the show is back on.

That movie on the upcoming ad might even be good, but I'll still press skip as soon as possible. 

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