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On the way back to house, there were couple of interesting media. The Poli Billboard looks very old. Also, it says it's originally "created" (I am not sure what Poli is) in 1921. So I guess there is probably always a Poli Billboard standing in the crossing there, though maybe the board itself has been replaced several times. The old look of that billboard and the fact that it is always standing there make the Billboard part of the environment. Even people who first time visit this place might not be able to notice this board because the board merges so well with its environment. The whole set makes me comfortable. The medium becomes a scene.

In contrast, Chaya is more noticeable. For those who don't know Japanese, some new characters other than Rome Characters can be refreshing and impressive. For those who know Japanese, those characters are just saying "come back home". It is always a good idea to use some outstanding signals in media, such as foreign characters.

-5:04 p.m.

-Squirrel Hill

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