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Because I usually post more "serious" photos, I thought this was a good opportunity to do something crazy and this weekend provided an interesting opportunity to do so. It being membership recruitment weekend for sororities (and me being in a sorority), this weekend the expectation was to dress up, wear heels, and be generally glamourous. Subsequently, a lot of people's newsfeeds that are involved with Greek life will be filled with photos of put-together glamorous women. My intent was to use this opportunity to make a profile photo that will starkly contrast the glamour by depicting me without make-up, sitting in a corner, and doing something entirely unlaldylike. The intent was to be humorous and possibly make my audience rethink the idea of a sorority woman by showing an authentic photo of nonconformity.


The first big decision I made was about timing; I wanted to post the new profile photo after a bunch of photos of me being put-together and dressed up had already been uploaded to Facebook. By timing it this way, my gremlin photo would be sandwiched between more typical photos to create the largest contrast possible. As for the taking of such a photo, I thought having someone else take it would make it look more authentic, like I was "caught in the act". 

While I had this much planned, I didn't have a concrete idea of where the photo would be taken, but luckily I stumbled on a good opportunity. After night two of membership recruitment, our chapter had ordered pizzas (16 to be exact) to feed the masses of hungry, blistered sorority women. After changing out of my dress and heels and putting on a comfy outfit, I had a friend take a picture of me where I was surrounded by empty pizza boxes.


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